Machinery Plaster

This product, synthesized with special additives and produced according to a suitable formulation, is used for building plastering through the use of a mortar. It can cover all types of concrete materials, ceramic, siporex, polystyrene, blocks, brick, and so on. Highly smooth or absorbent surfaces may require preparation before plaster machines can be satisfactorily used.     The product is packaged and available on market.  

Technical  Specifications:

1.     Grain size: remaining in sieve 16 meshes below 10%

2.     Paste time: initial 53-60 min; final 150 min

3.     Plaster whiteness: at least 85%

4.     Plaster resistance: minimum pressure strength 6 (N/mm2); bending strength at least 3 (N/mm2)


1.     Plaster machines should be applied evenly and continuously from 10-15 cm distance (thickness as needed)

2.     When the plaster is well-hardened, it should be damped to some extent, and then it should be treated with spongy trowel, and finally smoothened by plastering trowel


1.     The temperature of the work environment should no be below C. 

2.     The manual tools should be cleaned before use.

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