Satan Plaster

Fars Satene Plaster, with a small particle size and suitable paste time, is a processed and additive product that can be used as the final layer to cover plastered surface. The product is normally used to achieve balanced, leveled and homogeneous surfaces.   


1.     To serve as the final cover of soil or plaster, concrete surfaces, and smoothing surfaces before painting

2.     To serve as the final cover of lime cement, cement plaster, or cases of reconstruction or renewal     

The surfaces treated with this product become completely smooth and shining, which establish an ideal underlying foundation for various types of plastic and oil dyes and wallpapers. 

Technical Specifications:

1.     Grain size: remaining in sieve 100 meshes below 1%

2.     Paste time: initial 50-70 min; final 130 min

3.     Plaster whiteness: at least at least 90%

4.     Plaster resistance: minimum pressure strength 8 (N/mm2); bending strength    

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