Gyptone Plaster

Fars Gyptone Plaster, synthesized with additives and produced according to a suitable formulation, can be installed on ceilings or level surfaces with high cohesiveness. Also, the product is highly consolidated against cracking and decay. The product is packaged and available on domestic and foreign market.  

Technical Specifications:

1.     Grain size: remaining in sieve 100 meshes below 1%

2.     Paste time: initial 25-30 min; final 40-50 min

3.     Plaster whiteness: at least 90%

4.     Plaster resistance: minimum pressure strength 6 (N/mm2)


1.     Any dust or grease on the surface must be cleaned.

2.     Water/powder proportion: 6.5-7 lit. water per 10 kg powder

3.     Maximum thickness: 5 mm

4.     Before gyptone plaster is dried, the final product should be used.

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